DEBATE! Who Do You Think Should Win?

Today, KidMag has written a debate. One person is saying taking a bath every few weeks is pointless, and the other says it’s not. Read through the article, and then tell us what YOU think.


Debater #1: I believe that bathing is completely unnecessary in the modern world because we all have so much technology to entertain us that we never move our bodies, therefore we always smell good.

Debater #2: Bathing is important for many different reasons, not just because it makes us smell better. For one, it prevents us from getting infections, helps to reduce stress, reduces sugar levels, and many more. And another thing, we move our bodies lots still, and we still need to take baths or showers to reduce odour levels.

Debater #1: I do not believe that any of this is true. I haven’t showered in months and I still smell fine. Everybody is on their smartphones so much that they really don’t move, besides the really active people. But, how many people are really that active? Barely any, right? So for all you normal people, I recommend that you retire from your normal bathing rituals and all take up with my cleanliness habits.

Debater #2: Yes, of course. There are plenty of us who spend too much time on our smartphones and do not get enough exercise. But that doesn’t prevent our body from following  its natural instincts and sweating, which causes BO, or body odour. Just because you don’t exercise doesn’t mean that you don’t stink! There are many other things that cause body odour.

Debater #1: Look. Bathing is a waste of water. Just think about it! Every time you turn on the tap, you are using electricity to filter the water. The environment  is important right? So can’t you save a little water and help the Earth?

Debater #2: Yes. I guess I agree with you about that. But, you said you spent a lot of time on your smart phone, right? And that uses up tons of electricity as well. Agree? You could do a few things to help save the planet as well. Bathing isn’t the only thing you need to do.

Debater #1: Agreed. But really, it’s just one smart phone, right? That won’t harm the planet at all.

Debater #2: Yes. But, many other people are following your example. All of these smartphones used together creates a huge, negative effect on the planet. This resulted in global warming. I know it may seem like it is not much help for one person to give up their smart phone, but if you look at the big picture, it really could, especially if someone else follows suit, therefore creating a domino effect. This could help a lot. Every time someone just does what seems like a small action to help the Earth, you are one step closer to a healthier planet.

Debater #1: This doesn’t make sense to me. But, anyway, how does this have to do with what we were discussing? Bathing?

Debater #2: Well, in a way, I was sort of agreeing with you, and arguing for your side, because I was advocating for the planet, which, apparently, you are trying to make a better place by saving electricity. But I was also very confused by the fact that you said you are always using your smart phone, which is also bad for the planet. So personally, if you’d like to give up bath and shower time, I think you should give up your smartphone to prove that the reason you are not washing yourself is for the environment, and not just because you are lazy.

Debater #1: Yes. I totally agree that smartphones cause pollution, and are bad for the Earth. But at this point in time, it would be almost impossible to give up cell phones, and it could even be unsafe. In the modern society we live in today, smartphones are certainly a necessary part of life. Because you never know what could happen, you always want to be ready to dial 911, or call someone to help. If you got lost, you could text a friend or family member to come and get you. It is also very helpful so that you are an informed individual, because without the internet, you would not know if you needed to evacuate your house for a natural disaster, and you wouldn’t know if anyone dangerous was in your neighborhood. Because of the way society has formed, we need some form of device that we can access the internet from, because it is very useful to find up-to-date information, and it is very difficult to find it in other ways. We may need this information for school or work. So, you would be very unsafe without having a cellphone on you at all times if you spend time away from your parents or you are an adult. I don’t mean to play Angry Birds, I mean… for safety reasons. I think we should stop using phones for things like playing games, but we should only use them when we need them.

Debater #2: Yes, I think that is true. But my argument is also correct.


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