KidMags Book Review on… Fish in a Tree!

Today, KidMag has written a book review about the book Fish in a Tree by Lynda Mullaly Hunt.

Summary: Fish in a Tree is about a young girl, Ally, who struggles with dyslexia, a reading disorder. Ally has never been able to read and can’t understand why, and she thinks no one can help her.

Most of her peers treat Ally badly, and call her mean names.

Then, one day, a new teacher arrives, named Mr. Daniels. Mr. Daniels is a special teacher and is determined to bring out the best in each of his students. While at first Ally finds clever ways to get out of writing and reading, Mr.Daniels quickly sees through them.

Mr. Daniels discovers Ally’s learning difference, dyslexia, and helps her gain the confidence she needs. Over time, Ally gains two friends; Albert, a bullied boy who is supposedly a genius, and Keisha, a brave girl who likes cooking and stands up to the bullies.

As Ally gains more confidence in herself, the more she knows that she will actually learn to read.


Since the time I bought this book and took it home, I could not put it down and practically read it in one sitting!
This warm, light-hearted story found me at the edge of my seat, silently cheering for Ally the whole time! I enjoyed this book because it was interesting to learn about dyslexia and it gave me a happy and hopeful feeling while reading it!

KidMag gives this book four and a half stars.

Age Recommendation: 9+

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