The Worst Day Ever… From a Teacher’s Point Of View!

This story was written by Fleur G., the winner of our story writing contest. Fleur’s favourite hobby is swimming.

Here is Fleur’s┬ástory:

My name is Mrs. Daniels and I am a teacher a Westside Prep. It was March 31 and today was a very normal day of forcing mind-numbing textbooks among all of the Grade 5 students. Little did I know how the next day would plan out…

I live about twenty minutes away from the school, with my cat Whiskers, my son David and my husband Jeremy. I woke up the next morning with my feet on my pillow. Now, usually I don’t believe in superstitions but today, I was suspicious. As I crawled out of bed I got caught in my sheets and fell to the floor, waking up Jeremy.

“Honey! Oh, are you OK?” he jolted up straight in the bed.
David walked in, “Gosh Mom! What happened?”
“Oh, (pant, pant) I’m alright. (pant) Get ready for school David. Sorry to wake you.”

l looked apologetically toward my husband. “No, it’s fine” he answered, throwing the covers back over him. I got up, walked toward the closet and banged my elbow on the door frame. “Ow”! I whispered to my self, wincing in pain.

After I got changed I headed down to the kitchen, burnt the eggs, and started to realize how bad this day was going. David made himself some cereal over the rock-hard brown eggs I served him. I sat down next to him and put my forehead in my palms. “Sorry”, I said.

I think he understood what I meant as I tumbled to the ground when the leg of my chair broke.

I decided to walk to school, thinking nothing bad would happen to me, I mean, all I was doing was walking and of course, I know how to do that.

When I got to school it seemed like nothing could have gone worse. It was terrible. The whole room was destroyed. Sick children slumped over in desks, a few barfing in the corner, some having a coughing fit so big and loud it seemed like they were lions roaring. I dropped my bag and ran to the phone, dodging a puddle of puke on the way. I picked up the phone and called the office. “GET ME OUT OF HERE! THEY ARE ALL SICK AND WON’T STOP BARFING! HELP! QUICK!” I screamed into the phone, but as I turned around, the room was gleaming-ly clean. A group of well-groomed children sat in their desks like perfect little angels. Like clockwork, the all chanted: “Happy April Fools!”

And just then I realized it was April the first, which is now my least favourite day of the year.

Thanks for the great story Fleur!

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