Three Spooky Halloween Activities To Keep You Busy This October

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Below, KidMag has prepared three fun, spooky activities that should keep you having fun this Halloween.

  1. Make a magical ghost that blows up on its own with the materials below:
    -A white balloon

    -An empty water bottle
    -Baking soda
    -White vinegar
    -A marker or two
  2. Fill the water bottle a half a cup of the vinegar. FullSizeRender-1.jpgThen, draw a ghost face on the balloon.IMG_1290-1.JPGAfter that, fill the balloon with the baking soda.
    IMG_1292-1Now, stretch the balloon over the top of the water bottle, and make sure the baking soda goes into the bottle… wait for it… wait for it…

    And eventually, you should turn out with this:
    You can darken up the facial features of your ghost using your marker if you’d like to. Anyway, there’s your ghost! Enjoy!

    TIP: If you don’t have white balloons on hand, use an orange one and draw on a pumpkin face instead!

  3. Costumes! Heres how to make your own zombie costume.
    Gather some old clothes, fake blood (or washable red paint if you don’t have any), scissors, a permanent black marker, different coloured markers, a round hairbrush, paintbrushes, a garbage bag and a plastic cup.

    Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 7.30.25 PM.png
    Start by cutting your garbage bag in half to create a table-cloth to drape over the surface you are going to make your costume on. This is very important because if you get paint or fake blood on the floor, it will be very hard to clean up.IMG_1307.JPG
    Place your outfit or dress on the garbage bag, then begin to cut it up. Be very careful where you put the holes, and be sure to cut the back of your shirt/dress/pants/skirt as well.
    When you are done, your outfit should have lots of holes, like this:

    Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 8.05.46 PM.png
    Now it is time to use your fake blood or red paint!
    Drip big drops of it onto random spots, and use your paintbrush to spread it around.
    Do this several times, and make sure to get the back of your outfit too. Once you are done, take some of the fake blood or paint and mix it in with a little water. Make sure that the colour of the blood still remains, but also make sure that it is very liquidy. Pour it over the fabric to create the illusion of dripping blood.IMG_1319.JPG
    Hang it up on a hanger and make sure none of the blood/paint gets on the walls or floors. Begin to scribble on the outfit with your markers.
    Wait for the blood to dry, then style your hair with the round hairbrush. After that, you should add some dripping fake blood onto your face and skin. (Make sure it is washable and is meant to be used as dress-up makeup). You can also make your face look like it is very bruised with dark eyeshadow.
  4. Dancing ghost! Start by finding a balloon, a tissue, a marker and some scissors. IMG_1323.JPG
    Blow the balloon up. Then, cut your tissue out in a ghost shape and add a face. IMG_1324.JPG
    Rub the balloon against your hair and put the balloon near the ghost. Static electricity should make the ghost “dance”! Experiment with peeling off layers of tissue and seeing which works best to make the ghost dance best.

    Thanks for reading! Make sure to contact us using the Contact Page to tell us which activity was your favourite.