Spirit Animal Quiz!

Everyone wants to know their spirit animal.

Maybe you’re a sloth, an anteater, or a dolphin. Maybe you’re a unicorn. That’s why we have prepared a quiz for you to find out who you’d be in the animal kingdom.

In order to make it easier for you to navigate this quiz, we have simplified it a little, so there are only four animals you could be.

Let’s begin.

Your favourite thing to do at school is:

  1. Talk with your friends as much as you can – even when you’re not supposed to.
  2. Going to recess and gym! You love staying active.
  3. Paying attention and learning as much as possible so you can do well in the next test, or so you can do well in school in general.
  4. Brag about your weekend or vacation plans and laugh with friends.

Your perfect weekend would be:

  1. A huge party with all your friends and family.
  2. A swim meet with snacks at the end, or a family bike ride or hike.
  3. A day reading at the library.
  4. Making DIY chapstick with your friends, or testing out your new cherry-coloured lipstick.

When friends come over YOU:

  1. Make friendship bracelets and exchange crafts together.
  2. Ride your bikes around the neighbourhood to get your blood flowing, and then take a break inside.
  3. Study for the next test in your colorful, bright room with lots of snacks, or spend time writing a new story.
  4. Put on your grandma’s old dress up clothes and pretend you and your friends are movie stars.

The best vacation would be:

  1. A beach vacation with all of your besties.
  2. A trip to a place where you can go white water rafting, ziplining, hiking, biking and more.
  3. Visiting historical monuments and learning about your country’s history.
  4. A cabin in the wilderness to go exploring and discover new things while making up stories about being famous adventurers.

Your friends would describe you as:

  1. Talkative, friendly and kind.
  2. Motivated, active and determined
  3. Smart, thoughtful and open-minded.
  4. Unique, adventurous, wild, curious and creative.


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If you got…


Mostly 1’s: Your spirit animal is…

Tetra fish! Although that may sound boring at first glance, tetras are actually very colourful schooling fish, some of which appear to be glowing. They need others around to thrive, and do best in large groups of other fish of their kind. Your social, spunky personality practically makes you a friend magnet, and your family is more important to you than anything else.


Mostly 2’s: Your spirit animal is…

A cheetah! You are athletic, sporty, and full of energy! You love to move, and that makes you strong, inside and out. To put your athleticism to work, try trying sports such as: soccer, skiing, swimming, basketball, hockey, track and field, gymnastics, dance or anything else that involves moving around and having fun.


Mostly 3’s:  Your spirit animal is…

An elephant. Just like elephants, you are smart, efficient and collected. Elephants are famous for having amazing memories, and so do you. You enjoy reading, writing and going to school to learn. You have great marks, which allows you to do some fun things with your time, like planning a club or starting a website. You also know that it’s OK to give yourself a small break from your work, to give yourself time to rest or have fun with friends.


Mostly 4s: Your spirit animal is

A unicorn! You are creative, unique and fun to be around. You spend your time making things, laughing and being adventurous. You aren’t afraid to try new things, and always have a smile on your face. Kids look up to you as a role model and that makes you proud. Your colourful personality helps you do well in artistic subjects, like music or art.


Thanks for taking the quiz! Make sure to tell us what your spirit animal is using the contact page!