Joy, Our Ongoing Story For All Ages: Part Four

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Chapter 5: Separate.

Me and Adam. We were inseparable. Until one day we had to separate. It was a bright, sunny, normal day, when we saw a great, ball of fiery rock casting a shadow across all of the world. We’d seen these before, of course, and the name we gave them were comets. This one was bigger than usual, and we were particularly afraid of this one. The sky darkened as it replaced the sun, and at night, the moon. The shadowy ball floated above us for months, until it dropped.

It was a particularly dark day, but at this point we were used to the comet. We were floating about, and we didn’t realise we were in great danger. We didn’t realise we could save ourselves. We knew the comet could harm us, after all, fire was amongst one of the few things that could hurt souls. We were just talking, and floating at a running speed. Adam had looked up at the sky, and that’s when we realised it: the comet was falling fast. At a tremendous speed, the blazing ball of fire was falling towards the earth. We started moving faster and faster, and then that’s when I saw it: the room. The room with walls as dark as the night and where there was just enough light to see had just appeared in front of me. Where the teenagers sent me here. At this time, Adam was turned the opposite direction. In unison, we both blurted, “The room!” I turned to face where Adam was facing. I saw no room. Instead, I saw the normal, dark, vast landscape that it had been for months. He turned to face my room. I don’t think he could see it. A tear flowed out of my eye, and one poured out of his cloudy green one. “Goodbye.” He whispered. I felt the sheet of glass heavy in my pocket. The comet was coming closer. It was just seconds away. “Goodbye.” I whispered. He turned and ran. I watched him go, disappearing when he reached the room I couldn’t see. I turned and ran as soon as he was gone, crying an endless river of salty white tears. I turned and ran. I went into the room and slammed myself against the ground. Then I began falling.

I only fell for a few minutes, and then, I hit the ground with another loud THUD! I blacked out. When I awoke, wispy, shadowy creatures were standing before me and leaning forward. They mouthed words to me that I could not hear, and then I blinked, and one the two wispy characters looked like a wispy version of Adam, and the other one didn’t look like anyone I knew. I stepped forward and the girl mouthed something like join me. She motioned for me to follow her. I stood up, expecting the girl to move forward. Instead she simply stood, motioning me to move forward. I just stood there, wearing a confused but curious look on my dotted-with-freckles-face. She rolled her eyes, and looked at me with a how-do-you-not-know-what-I’m-telling-you-to-do-face. I walked forward, and she continued to stand there, motionless. She raised her eyebrows, and I shrugged my shoulders. What? She smacked herself on the forehead. Then, with a dramatic flourish, threw powdery white, sparkling sand towards me and blew a breath as strong as a gale. I suddenly felt out of breath and like coughing and sneezing and my legs felt wobbly and suddenly all I wanted to do was sleep. I collapsed on the dirt ground and immediately, drifted off in a hazy daze. I dreamed of the wispy figure motioning me forward, and I stepped forward, into her, and joined her, and instead of one wispy figure and one soul, there was one real person. After that, a wizard like person or a “god” as he called himself, appeared in front of me and he told me that even when I was a person, I would still be able to see souls. I woke up sobbing like a baby. I stopped, realising there was nothing to sob about, and realised, Adam was standing before me. Adam! He was wearing a confused look on his face, so I suspected the shadowy boy had done the same thing to him as the girl had done to me. I stepped into the shadowy girl, and we joined together, forming one, real person. Adam stepped into his. We were now, instead of souls, two ordinary people. I looked at Adam. He looked at me. People! Two ordinary people.

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