Can You Solve A Mystery?

Do you think you have the skills to decode a real life mystery?
Here is our test to see if you do…
The first part is to find out which article is fake news… and which one is real.
Without using the internet.

Sure, you can cheat.
But then what’s the fun in that?
If you want to have fun, use common sense.
If you don’t want to have fun, use the internet to find out the answers.
But you want to have fun, right?
So don’t use the internet to help you.
Use your brains.

Let’s begin.

Article #1:

A local seafood store in Kuwait was caught sticking googly eyes to the fish they were selling to make them appear fresher, as people wouldn’t want to eat the older fish they were selling.

When the googly eye was removed, it revealed a pale yellowish, inverted eye, showcasing how fresh the fish really was,which wasn’t very fresh, as a fresh fish should have shiny, bulging eyes. Local police and Kuwait’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry shut this store down, and stores near this one began advertising their fish as, “fish without cosmetics”.

Many people shared photos of the fish on social media quoting things such as; “Never judge the freshness of fish by the googliness of their eyes.” or, “certainly looks fishy”.

Somehow, a woman was fooled by the fake eye, and purchased a fish. Later, she took off the googly eye, shocked at how yellow and cloudy it was.

Though some people thought using this marketing tactic was a bad idea, causing customers to believe they had received a great fish, but others praised the company for using a creative outside of the box idea.


Article #2:

Paul Wellman Academy, a school with a relatively good reputation, has been sued for child abuse to several students in the fourth grade. This school in Northern France was built in 1963 and has taught many young students.

Mrs. Thomas has been teaching since age 32 when she came to the school, and her teaching experience at Paul Wellman Academy was no different than any other teaching experience.

The next day her class noted an odd behaviour and at once started teasing.

The day after, Amanda came to school as she normally would, not knowing this would be an eventful day. While teaching her third class, she called the kids with wrong answers “slackers”. The children were barely offended, but still reported her mistreatment to another teacher, “who only seemed mildly concerned”, a child reports.

In the afternoon when everything was settled, she started calling children with special needs curse words. Clearly offended, the children went to the local police service, and officer Ernisse began an investigation.

Thomas was later found abusing children in an explicit and physical matter during class.

Ernisse’s findings showed that what she had done to the student’s resulted in twelve years of imprisonment.

So, what do you think? Which one is fake news and which one is real news? You’ll find out soon!

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