Katie D’s Awesome Facts About North Swedish Horses

This article was written by eleven-year-old Katie D. from Calgary, who found her love of horses from an online game called Star Stables. 

North Swedish Horses are an agile, easy to train horse that can weigh up to 750 kilograms and can be as tall as 158 cm. They come in all colours, shapes and sizes but the most common size will bigger in weight than in height. These horses are in the draft horse category that also includes Clydesdale Horses as well as Shires.

North Swedish horses have very big hoofs, but the foals, which are baby horses, are very little and don’t have a lot of fur. These horses are also working horses for pulling many different things, such as hay and people.

Fun Facts About ALL Horses:

Horses can poop while they are walking, but they cannot pee while walking.

When horses ears are pinned back, they don’t like what you’re doing.

When horse’s ears are moving around, they are either listening to their surroundings or do not like the horse near them.

Horses cannot feel when you pull on their mane. When you pull on their tails they can feel you doing that.

Horses can be scared of llamas or pigs.

Thanks, Katie!

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