The First Month Of Junior High

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An insider’s look on Junior High/Middle School! We recently talked to Taylor W. about her first month of Grade Seven.

Here’s what she had to say:

Hi! I recently started grade seven; it was a disaster. It started with my locker – which I could not get open! Then, I got lost finding my first period class. I have a friend from gymnastics that I met up with, so that part was OK….

But coming from a school with 200 kids, I am not used to an upstairs and a downstairs with 750 kids trampling you. Walking into class everybody was staring at me. It was like I had a floating head that everyone wanted to stare at.

Thankfully, two generous girls helped me get my locker open, and get to class.  But my dumb self left my timetable in the locker I couldn’t open. So, I walked off to my third period class with nothing in hand. Well, let me tell you, that was my worst mistake yet!

I had to ask for paper, a pen and pencil in front of the whole class. Sometimes I felt like crying in a corner, but knew I couldn’t do that. Another day, I was late for class and the only kid left in the hallway… #lonely! But, throughout September I made friends, got used to my classes and teachers, and was given a LOT of homework. So, grade seven has turned out fine so far, and I’m excited for the rest!


Written by Taylor W.

Here is a interview with Taylor about her school days:


KIDMAG- What is your favourite part of grade seven so far?


TAYLOR-  Trying out for school sports teams!


KIDMAG- What is your least favourite part?


TAYLOR- Trying to get into my locker (Ugggh)!


KIDMAG- What is your favourite subject so far?


TAYLOR- Science, 100%!


KIDMAG- What is it like to move to different classes every hour?


TAYLOR- Well, it is like this… there is an elevator in my school but we are not allowed to use it, so that means stairs. 750 kids on two staircases and only two minutes… then having to go to your locker that may or may not open.


Thanks Taylor, it was great to hear from you!

And make sure to tell us all about your school experiences through the comment page… if your story is bedazzling enough, we may interview you through email… and publish it!