Funny Things To Ask Siri

Technology is very advanced these days. People are always coming out with new things to try to make your life easier, like Google Home, Alexa, and plenty of other doo-dads. Our favourite though (not because it is the most technologically advanced) is Siri. Just hold the home button on any iPad, iPad mini, or iPhone (with Siri enabled) and a black screen will appear. 

Like we said, Siri isn’t our favourite because it is the most technologically advanced. More because, well, she is the funniest. Here are some things you can ask her to make you laugh. 

  1. The Classic: Say “What is zero divided by zero.” We’re pretty sure Apple was TRYING to make you laugh on this one.
  2. Say “Hello Computer.” You can do this as many times as you want, Siri will spout out MANY different answers.
  3. Say “Why are firetrucks red?”
  4. Say “Rap for me.”
  5. Say “Beat box for me.”
  6. Say “I see a little silhouetto of a man.” (Silhouetto is pronounced SILL-OH-ET-A).
  7. Say “Are you intelligent?”
  8. Say “What do you dream about?”
  9. Say “Why do you vibrate?”
  10. Say “Who you gonna call?”


Have any other funny things to say? What do you think the funniest response is? Do you have ideas for a new article? Contact us via our Contact Page.