7 Great Places To Go and See


REMEMBER- There is no particular ranking for each one, they are just in random order.

  1. Honduras – Yes, this is an actual country! It’s in Central America on the caribbean ocean. There are plenty of beaches, and you can even go snorkeling. Honduras is known for being home to the largest barrier reef in the world.
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  2. London, England – There are plenty of things to do in London! You can ride the London Eye, see Big Ben, ride on a double decker bus tour, take a short train trip to PARIS, and you can also take a trip to a lovely place called The New Forest which isn’t too far away, and you can even experience extreme jet lag! 👍

    big ben structure near white concrete structure
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  3. Costa Rica – Costa Rica is a country is a place in Central America where you can zipline, rain forest hikes, sightsee (there a lots of monkeys!), white water raft and much more!

    city sunset coast cathedral
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  4. West Edmonton Mall – Ride the biggest indoor roller coaster in the world, go on their crazy water slides, go to Galaxyland, stay in a themed room, go glow in the dark mini golfing and have a frozen yogurt overload! It’s North America’s largest shopping mall!

    architecture auditorium blue bright colours
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  5. Banff – A quaint little place in Alberta, near calgary. Take a ski trip in the mountains, and just have fun! There is nothing more we can say about this one, you have to go to experience how beautiful, calming, but yet adventurous it is.

    alberta amazing attraction banff
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  6. Disney World/Disneyland – We don’t think we have to say anything about this one.

    photography of disneyland
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  7. San Diego Zoo – The San Diego Zoo is the sixth largest zoo in the world and has over 4,000 animals. Because of this cities neutral temperatures, it creates a great place to keep animals of all types. Animals you might see are: polar bears, panda bears, gorillas, arctic seals, and 3,996 more!

    selective focus photography of scarlet macaw
    Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.com


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