The Horrible Hotdog


Chapter One

BOOM. CRACK. BANG!!! Izzy screamed and jumped up in her bed. It’s just a nightmare, it’s just a nightmare she thought. If her heart entered a marathon, it would probably win, because it felt like it would barge out of her chest any minute! She looked around. Her little sister Hana had heard the sound too.  She walked to the front door and swung it open, and peeked her head out into the crisp, cold, morning air. Everything seemed calm. She walked over to her mom’s bed to wake her up. “Awww, Izzy, sweetheart it’s just a bad dream,” said her mother. Izzy nodded and climbed back in bed. Just when she was about to go to sleep Hana approached her, “What do you want?” she mumbled sleepily. “Can I sleep with you, Iz?” she asked. Izzy nodded and scooched over. She settled in her bed, stroking Hana’s hair.


Once again, Izzy fell asleep. She awoke later. The clock said 3:42am. I groaned. Hana was awake as well. Just then, I felt a painful blow from Hana’s leg hitting me in the shin. “Hana stop kicking me,” I cried.
“It’s not my fault,” Hana whined.
“It is too!”
“Is not!”
“Is too!”
“Is not!” Just then they felt a  rubbery, sticky hand reach down upon them and lift them into a giant sack. Immediately, the two girls went silent. And then they felt themselves moving out the door!

Chapter Two

Izzy felt like she was flying. The mysterious person holding the sack was gaining more and more speed. She and Hana were squealing. The wind was howling loudly. Izzy was only eleven years old and Hana was seven. They weren’t close in age or relationship. They were always fighting. But now Izzy would do anything to keep her and Hana alive. Hana must have fallen asleep because she heard a soft snoring coming from the side of the sack. Quietly Izzy lifted herself up and peeked outside.

A vast forest full of gigantic trees towered above her. In the far distance, she saw the peaks of mountains just touching the sunset. There was a low fog touching the branches of the trees. The view was breathtaking. She wondered where they were going. She slouched back into the sack. She was very tired but stayed alert so she wouldn’t wake up in heaven. She kept an eye on Hana as well, just to be safe. They continued their journey through the towering trees. Suddenly, they began to slow to a mere walk. Izzy held her breath. She peeked out the sack. She had to keep herself from fainting.


Chapter Three

Izzy jumped back into the giant sack trying to hold her laughter. In front of her stood a giant hot dog with an eye patch holding a flaming torch. The hot dog was covered in ketchup and relish and was burnt head to bottom. It had eyes so small they were like marbles, and his arms were short and skinny like a t-rex’s. It looked very unconvincing. This was the person who crashed into their house that night. Quickly Izzy woke Hana up. “Mommmm.” she slurred.
“Hiiiii”, said Hana.
“Hana, it’s me. Your sister, remember?” Hana groaned and rolled over.
“I miss mommy”, she whined.
“I know Hana. I do too, but if you want to live, then get your butt off the floor”.
“Oh ok”. said Hana and reluctantly she got up, stretched, and put on her fallen hoodie. She helped Hana up and looked over the edge of the sack. She smiled, giggled and then burst out laughing. “Shhhhh, Hana. It’s better to be silent right now ”. Izzy said  “Awwww. But Izzy, I mean, who can’t laugh at a giant hotdog wearing sunglasses?” “He’s wearing sunglasses?” I asked, puzzled.
“Yup” Hana said, sucking her thumb. I leaned out to look. Sure enough, there were stylish black shades over the one eye and eye patch of the hot dog. Izzy giggled but quickly put her hand on her mouth. Hana grinned smugly. “I
told you,” she said.


Chapter Four


Thump. Thump. Thump. Izzy shrieked. Hana wailed. The sack was slowly rising above the ground. Izzy and Hana didn’t dare lean over to look outside. If they did, the hot dog might see them. Slowly the sack reached the height of about fifty feet… And stayed that way… For about 10 seconds. “Arrrgggghhh!” they yelped. Izzy hit the ground with a gigantic thud. “Owwwwwwww” whined Hana. Izzy tried to get up. She felt OK, but she had some swelling on her bottom.

She limped over to Hana. She, on the other hand, didn’t do as well as Izzy had. Her legs were covered in bruises and cuts and there was blood trickling down her cheek. “Are you OK?” Izzy asked her sister.
“Er, yes sort of”. said Hana weakly. Izzy helped Hana up. Just then the hot dog said “Taaaag gooo ga goooog”
“Taaaaa gooooooo gaaa goooooog” the hot dog said again. Hana nodded like she understood and said: “It’s asking us who we are.”
“How do you know that?” asked Izzy, clearly amazed.
“Because he’s holding paper and drawing it out,” replied Hana.
“Really?” Izzy asked.
“Yup,” Hana said. Izzy peered out. Again Hana noticed something she didn’t. On the piece of paper, the Hotdog had drawn a question mark next to two stickmen with long hair and faces. Hana gestured to the Hotdog to have the paper and pen. Slowly the Hotdog passed it over. Hana took it and at once started drawing our journey here and who we were and that we want to get back to our mom. All in pictures. It was impressive.

She handed it back to the hot dog. The hot dog’s eye’s darted across the page. Then he took the pencil and drew something. The hot dog handed the paperback. He had drawn the two stickmen with long hair on sticks over a fire. Hana and Izzy slouched into their stomachs.  Roast us alive? Just like we do to hot dogs. No, he’s getting revenge. What? Why us? Izzy’s head felt like it was going to explode any moment now. The hot dog saw their worried looks. Quickly he snatched the piece of paper. He drew again with the pencil and handed it back. His new drawing was a picture of two girls in a sack at the foot of the door to their house. Izzy relaxed. She heard Hana let out a breath. Hana turned to her and said, “Does this mean we’re going home, Izzy?”
“Um… I think  so.” The hot dog gestured to get in the sack. Then he picked up the sack and began to gain speed. Izzy saw the last of the mountains and forest. Then she laid back down in the sack and turned to Hana. “Let’s go home,” she said, and the two girls smiled.


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