Joy, Our Ongoing Story For All Ages: Part Two

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Chapter 3: The Start.

Here, I could restart my life. Here, I could start over. I was so happy thinking about how I fit in now that I forgot that, If I was the only person here, the world couldn’t start. I was only a soul, not a real person. And I realised, nothing existed yet. Nothing. And I realised, no more children would exist, and no more human race. And then I realised something else: before there were people, there were dinosaurs. And then I saw the biggest problem: there was one coming right for me. Looks like I’d be a dinosaurs dinner. I tried to run but swore when I discovered that I had no legs to run with. Not that I’d be able to outrun a Tyrannosaurus-rex anyway. He kept bounding forward but took no notice to me at all. As he came closer I grew more and more frightened, worried I’d be his lunch. But as he galloped forward, I became more and more aware that he didn’t seem to care that I was there. As he came closer, I felt the urge to to run grow stronger and stronger, despite the instinct that he couldn’t tell that I was there. I wanted to move, I wanted to get away. A bead of sweat trickled down my forehead and dropped into my eye. I blinked it out, and by the time I opened my eyes, all I could see was a cloud of green. Before I could panic, it lifted and I discovered it was the dinosaurs leg. Another one went right through me, and that was when I realised that I’d forgotten I was just a soul. He couldn’t see me, and it’s body could go right through me. Phew. I floated forward after after the dinosaur lifted his legs out of my soul, realising that if I strained hard enough I could move. I moved faster and faster, and it became a little easier. As the sky got darker, I could almost move at walking speed. In the distance, I saw a large rock. I wanted to investigate. I moved forward, stifling a yawn. As I got closer, it became clearer that the rock wasn’t only a rock, but a cave. I yawned twice more, and decided I’d stop here. I floated to a nearby tree and picked a few handfuls of leaves and scattered them in a softer, less wet part of the cave. I collapsed onto the leafy bed, double-checking that it wasn’t wet.. Uncomfortable though it was, I was tired, and fell asleep quickly.

The next day, I woke up, discovering there was a giant dragonfly perched on a rock beside me. I’d learned in science that a dragonfly was bigger in prehistoric times, but I never expected the difference to be that noticeable. At first, I was petrified. I didn’t remember why I was in a cave, I didn’t remember that my life had changed and I wasn’t in my bedroom at home. Then, I realised again that I was only a soul, and it wouldn’t notice me. I allowed it fly through me, and I followed it, dancing around it and floating about. For breakfast, I scoped out a somehow full-grown apple tree. I played games with the dinosaurs, playing tag with them and pretending they were it. When they stomped on me I was it. I didn’t stray far from the cave, and when it grew dark I headed back, my intention to eat dinner of (more) apples, and head to sleep. I was shocked to see a bright orange glow flickering out of the cave. I headed closer, and when I appeared in the cave, I heard a lower pitched scream. I peered around the wet cave, and noticed a boy about my age sitting in the cave and roasting an apple (is that all the food that exists?) on a fire. I remembered that no one could see me and dove head first into my leafy bed. “Uh-hi?” Said the boy. What? I was a soul. He couldn’t see me. Or hear me. I decide to reply. If he heard me, I was going crazy. “Hi?” I reply nervously. “I’m Adam.” He said. He reached into the fire, apparently expecting not to be burnt. He was only a soul, so it made sense to expect not to be burnt. He pulled it out with a quick flourish, and bit down on his finger to ease the stinging. He heard me alright. “Are you- did you- fall?” He didn’t answer. He just nodded.. This was kind of… creepy. “Who are you?” Said the boy. “Eve.” I reply. That was when we discovered that people couldn’t see souls, but other souls could see souls just like they’d see a person. Honestly, I was kind of happy to find Adam. And I’d be sad if I didn’t find him. After all, this was just the beginning.

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