What kind of eater are you? Take this tasty quiz to find out!

 You go to a restaurant, you order…

  1. Old, faithful chicken fingers and fries
  2. Something new
  3. Something off the kids menu
  4. A salad with a side of juice

At your friends house you usually have…

  1. Cheese and crackers
  2. A new snack that your friend recently bought
  3. Pepperoni sticks or graham crackers
  4. Fruit or veggie tray

It’s your birthday! At your party, you can’t wait to serve…

  1. Pizza
  2. Vietnamese food
  3. Cheeseburgers
  4. Fruit Kabobs and Smoothies

Your favourite school lunch is…

  1. A bologna sandwich
  2. All sorts of little foods put into one big lunch
  3. Soup
  4. A healthy wrap

Your dream meal would be…

  1. A grilled cheese sandwich with a slice of cake
  2. An around the world food experience with every piece of food from all the countries
  3. A four foot pizza tower varying in all flavors
  4. A big bowl of taco salad with a homemade berry Popsicle


Now count up the number that you selected the most and scroll down for the answers!









If you got…

Mostly 1’s…

You don’t like to waste time deciding what to order, and you figure that the classic plates will still be enjoyed. Having a favourite go-to is great, but don’t be afraid to try other foods some time as well. You never know if it will end up being another favourite!

Mostly 2’s…

You love trying and tasting new and exciting foods. You’re open minded to any food choice and are always willing to try anything, no matter what.

Mostly 3’s…

You are casual eater and there’s nothing wrong with that. It only means you’re following your own menu and whatever you prefer is absolutely OK. Although, once in a while you should try to branch out a bit and try some other foods!

Mostly 4’s…

You are a healthy eater and are determined to stay strong and fit. You’re careful to make sure you’ve had enough protein for the day and monitoring your sugar intake. Although this is a great eating habit, it’s OK to have an occasional treat now and then!


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