JOY, our ongoing story for ALL AGES

This is the ongoing story that we have talked about in our intro page. Usually we would post just one chapter, but because this first chapter is so short, we are going to post two.

The name of the story is JOY.

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Chapter 1: Dead

“They threw me against the surface. With that, I got pinned to the wall, and that was it. From that day forward, I would never see daylight again. They dropped me. I. Was. Dead.


Chapter 2: Understanding

I didn’t understand. I thought when you were dead, well, I thought you were dead. Gone. Demolished from the earth. I thought you disappeared. Never to be seen again. You couldn’t think. You were no longer a person. A human being.  But that’s not what it’s like for me.

I was gone. I was nothing. Only darkness. Not that I wanted to go back to my world. Everyone seemed to see right through me. I was ignored. I didn’t want to go back.

I had thoughts. I was there, but really, I wasn’t. What it’s like to be dead is falling. A continuous drop. You fall into darkness, never knowing when you’ll stop, but your body doesn’t fall. Only your soul, but your soul can think, and it can feel. Your soul drops. When I lived, I remember that I’d often wonder what was there before the world existed. I’d thought it was was just darkness, and I think I was right.

I don’t understand how they killed me so fast. I was dropped. Then, I was dead. It happened in a strange room with walls as dark as the night and in the room there was only just enough light to see. They walked me in, and they gave me a warning. A warning that I might die. That I might never see daylight again. Of course, I didn’t believe them. They were only teenagers, just a few years older than me, so I never thought they could kill me with their bare hands, and it seemed like they didn’t. Everything happened in a flash. Like lightning. I was thrown. I was dead. I just  dropped to the ground. And then, that’s when I started falling. I knew I was dead, but I didn’t understand. How could a hard fall, someone forcing you to the ground, actually kill someone? Sure, you’ve heard that quote: “Nothing is impossible!”, but this was impossible. Truly impossible. You couldn’t die. You could only get mildly injured. No death involved, but I was dead. That was when I understood.

I was still here. I just wasn’t now. I wasn’t in your time. Before there was earth, the universe, and everything, there was nothing. Darkness. And I’m where there was no earth. In that time. I am falling through darkness, because before there was earth, there was nothing. Death wasn’t falling. Time travelling into time before earth was, and before outer space, and before anything. So there was nowhere to land. To stop me. So, I fall. Continuously. Then I realised: lots of time has passed and eventually, earth got created. Shouldn’t it happen soon? Unless, I am wrong. Unless, I really am dead. I pondered this for a while. Am I dead, or not? I don’t know how much time passed as I simply wondered about this. As I got deeper into the question, falling further into nothingness, I figured, more people are dead than just me. If I am dead, shouldn’t I be able to see the others falling with me? Unless I see straight through their soul, their heart and thoughts. Unless I am dead, but maybe, If I try hard enough, I can make it stop. Make me alive again. Truly alive. And that was when I saw it.

I saw a light. A beautiful, multi-coloured flashing light. It got brighter. So bright I had to look away. It flashed off and everything was dark again. What was happening? Bang! Maybe I’d imagined it. Everything was dark again. There were no signs of life or signs that the universe was being created. Nothing. But when I saw a sliver of moonlight, it gave everything away. It was night, and that meant only one thing: Sleep. I didn’t realise it, but I haven’t slept in ages. I don’t know how long this has gone on for, but suddenly, I felt really tired. So tired… sleepy…. I… falling… so… heavy…. ahhhh…. THUD! I fall to the ground abruptly without warning and my frizzly golden hair flew out around me. This is so much different than the way my mom wakes me up. “Eve,” she’d whisper “Eve, wake up.” And before he left, my father, but the problem was he left when I was two. I never really knew him.

I peered around the deserted landscape. No bustling city, tall buildings and traffic jams like I was used to. This, this was peaceful. No one else around to ruin it. No one had discovered anything yet, nothing. There was no one else around. For the first time in my life, I felt good. At peace. Happy. Like for the first time, I felt like I belonged.


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