Back To School Tips 101: How To Make The Transition From Summer To School Easier

Sometimes school sucks.

There is nothing more to be said about that.

It can suck.

Loads of times, it can be great.

But loads of times, it can suck.

No offence to the teachers out there, but most of us would probably rather be wearing a floppy hat and lying on a sunbed in Hawaii while sucking on a juicy watermelon than learning the three “R’s” and gripping a #2 pencil.

But the reality is, you must go to school. School is great! But for the first little bit, it will seem like it reaaaaaally sucks.

So, below, we have provided some tips on how to make your transition into school easier:


  1. Have an optimistic mindset about going back to school. You get a fresh start, a new teacher, and loads of other fun things. OK, OK, it’s not better than a trip to Mexico, but just try to think about the positives rather than the negatives.
  2. Almost everyone does their usual, run of the mill back-to-school shopping. But this year… let’s take a trip to The Dollar Store! You can buy lots of things there to help spice up your cubby/locker or desk. It will be more fun to put things in a decorated binder, and think of how fun it will be to browse through all the stuff in the Dollarama and to plan our how you will decorate your space.
  3. OK, school is a lot more fun these days than it was when your grandma was going to school. But let’s face it, there will still be some boring lessons. However, you don’t want to just stick your face to the desk and snore through it! You will miss lots of important information. Instead of scribbling down notes restlessly as fast as you can, try drawing pictures or making a graphic novel about the lesson. Taking notes can be fun when the topic is interesting, but when the subject is a snoozer, make it fun for yourself. Don’t just doodle, doodle about the subject!
  4. One thing about school that every kid dreads is homework. Whether you have a little or a lot, almost no one enjoys it. To make it better, start a homework club with some friends so you can have a conversation about the work you are doing and have more fun with it. It will get it done faster, and this way you can avoid saying that the dog ate it!
  5. Make sure to actually study for the tests! Take at least forty-five minutes to do that, which really isn’t much of your time. This way, you will feel confident and happy when it is time to take the test, rather than having to rush to sit beside the smartest kid in your grade so that you can copy of of their paper. Please study. You will feel way better and have way less anxiety.
  6. Don’t be late for school! On the first day of school, set an alarm for half an hour earlier than you would normally wake up for school, so that you have time to wake yourself up before you have to rush to get ready. Splash cold water on your face, do 50 jumping jacks, run around the house a few times, drink a glass of water, and by the time you have done all that, half an hour is up, you are wide awake, and it’s time to get ready for school. Plus, make sure to also go to bed an hour earlier than you would for a normal school day as well. You won’t fall asleep right away, but in the end, you will get around another half hour of sleep. (Also: remember to always eat breakfast! It will give you the energy you need to have a good school day. If you don’t have breakfast, you will feel tired and grumpy.)
  7. This tip involves a bucket of beads and a piece of string as long as you want, depending on how challenging you would like this to be (Hint, hint: you can buy all of these supplies at The Dollar Store, the same place where you bought your desk decorations!). So. What the heck are you going to do with these random things? OK. Well. So. Um. Right, so this is how it works.
  • Step One: Cut out a longish piece of string of your favourite colour. Tie a large knot at the end of your string and hang it up in your cubby, locker or at home.
  • Step Two: Set a standard for a good grade. (We are going to use A’s, B’s, C’s, D’s, and F’s, as the grades). For example, if you struggle with math, you can say that anywhere from a B and up counts as a good grade. If you are great at French then maybe you have to get an A for it to count as a good grade. (This works just as well if you are scored with numbers rather than letters.)
  • Step Three: Add a bead to your string every time to get a good grade.
  • Step Four: Make a deal with your parents that when your string is full of beads, you can have a prize of some sort. This will motivate you to want to go to school, and will make you eager for a test so that you can collect a new bead.


Alright, that is all for now! Have fun at school, and remember to send us some of your own tips using the contact page.